The Rolling Stones have yet to finalise the setlist for their comeback gigs just days before they are due to hit the stage in London.

The veteran rockers are marking the band's 50th anniversary by playing two shows in London this month (Nov12), followed by three gigs in the U.S.

The stars will perform their first concert at London's O2 Arena on Sunday (25Nov12), and bassist Ronnie Wood reveals they still haven't decided which songs to play less than a week before the opening show.

Speaking at an event in London on Tuesday (20Nov12), Wood says, "We've been thinking long and hard about the setlist but to be honest we still haven't finalised it. You forget how hard it is."

The rocker also admits the ongoing rehearsals have tired him out, adding, "(I'm) exhausted... It's intense but that's what we do - people have paid a lot of money for their tickets and we have to get it right."