The Rolling Stones will switch between stadium rock and ''huge intimacy'' at their '50 and Counting' shows.

The legendary 'Beast of Burden' band will play the first of their 50th anniversary shows in London on Sunday (25.11.12) and although details of their stage show are being kept under wraps, Patrick Woodroffe - the band's lighting designer of 30 years - has let a few things slip.

He told USA Today newspaper: ''Every stage we've done has reflected the band and the zeitgeist. But it's never just spectacle for spectacle's sake. Keith [Richards, guitar] always calls the stage 'the office.' It's where they work and everything has to be right.''

The stage will include the group's iconic lips-and-tongue logo design as well as central general-admission area, for when the band change from their bigger tracks to those ''that afford moments of huge intimacy,'' going back to the band's beginnings as a club act.

While the stage may be planned, the group - made up of Keith, Sir Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts - are still said to be deciding on the set list.

Ronnie said on Tuesday (20.11.12): ''We've been thinking long and hard about the setlist but to be honest we still haven't finalised it.''

After performing in London on Sunday (25.11.12) and next Thursday (29.11.12), the band will head to the US, playing at the Barclay Center, New York City, on Saturday December 8 and the Prudential Center, New Jersey on December 13 and 15.