Fans have been waiting patiently for The Rolling Stones to announce some sort of big celebration for their 50th anniversary as a band. This might well be the closest they get, and to be fair it's not a bad one, with Mick Jagger and co. unveiling a repackaged greatest hits three-Cd set with, wait for it, two completely new tracks included. Ok, so many might have hoped for some sort of live performance to have occurred this year, and the veterans have had plenty of chances to do so with both the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympic Games both taking place in London.
However, so far all that's happened has been a photo exhibition that looked back over their career, so this is a fair bit of improvement on that. The two new songs are called Gloom And Doom and One Last Shot according to The Press Association, and were both completed in Paris over the past few weeks. They'll feature on the Cd set, titled Grrr! by the band.
The band have constantly been teasing fans about a big announcement to mark the anniversary, with many still hoping for shows to be announced. As it is, they'll have to make do with this for now, the latest greatest hits collection a decade after 2002's Forty Licks. At least, though, the two new tracks suggest that there might be life in the old dogs yet.