THE Rolling Stones whipped Argentine capital Buenos Aires into such a frenzy last night (21FEB06) police were forced to restrain crowds with water cannons.

Just days after the rock legends performed to nearly two million fans at neighbouring Brazil's Copacabana beach, just 50,000 watched their gig at the city's River Plate soccer stadium.

Despite the country's poor economy, the stadium was full of fans paying upwards of $72 (GBP42) for a ticket. Hundreds of others had to be held back by police as they broke through barricades in an attempt to gain access to the venue - desperate to catch what could be the band's last performance in Argentina.

Fresh from the second biggest concert in history, frontman SIR Mick Jagger greeted fans last night, screaming, "Hola, Argentina! Hola, Buenos Aires! It's been eight years, and we've missed you!"