THE Rolling Stones have threatened to sue German conservative leader Angela Merkel if their hit song ANGIE is not withdrawn from her party's election campaign.

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) campaign organisers believe they are within their rights to use the 1973 track, after being assured there would be no copyright issues by German music group GEMA.

But the legendary rock band are furious their permission was not sought before the political party began using the song in a bid to win September's (05) election.

A Hamburg-based record company, which holds the rights to the song in Germany, have asked the CDU to stop playing the song, or will take legal action.

Spokesperson JAN EHLERS says, "At the moment we are not looking at taking any legal action. But things may still change.

"The way the song is being used now is not acceptable, neither for the authors nor for the original record company. We simply ask the CDU to stop."