THE Rolling Stones are making music as prolifically as they ever have in their 43 year history.

Critics have accused the band of cashing in by continuously touring and rolling out new albums.

But frontman SIR Mick Jagger is proud of their new LP A BIGGER BANG, which is packed with only new material and is their longest album since 1972's classic EXILE ON MAIN STREET.

He says, "We put new stuff out because we still can. We have lots of it - it's not like we're just eking it out.

"Rock fans tend to be conservative. 'Ah, I much prefer Brown Sugar.' Yeah, well, but listen to this, c**t."

The Stones even had to battle with their record label, who were unsure about putting out such a long record.

Jagger adds, "The record company felt it was too long.

"But I said, 'What's the favourite Rolling Stones album of all time?' 'Well, Exile on Main Street.' 'There, you see? Exile. And how long is that?' 'It's over an hour.' 'And the problem is?' 'Uh, nothing.'"