A letter signed by all five original members of THE Rolling Stones thanking London cops for policing a 1964 concert has sold at auction for $1,735 (GBP950).

Dated 9 September 1964, the letter went for far less than had been predicted - it had been expected to fetch $8,400 (GBP4,600).

Signed by SIR Mick Jagger, KEITH RICHARD - before he changed his surname to Richards - Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman and the late Brian Jones, it sends their "sincere appreciation" before going on to say, "We would be grateful if you would thank the officers concerned on their behalf."

It is addressed to the officer in charge at "Finsbury Park Police Station", which did not exist.

Instead, the letter was forwarded to Highbury Police Station where it was given to a young female officer who held onto it for four decades before deciding to sell it at the Jubilee Auction Rooms in Pewsey, England.

The letter was sold to a memorabilia collector from Swansea, Wales.