THE Rolling Stones finally rocked Milan, Italy, last night (11JUL06) after being forced to postpone their European tour when guitarist Keith Richards suffered severe head injuries in April (06). The WILD HORSES star was flown to hospital in New Zealand in April (06) after falling out of a tree while on holiday in Fiji. He subsequently underwent skull surgery to drain fluid from his brain. The show at Milan's famous San Siro stadium came more than a month late, but the Stones delighted fans with a barnstorming two-hour set and congratulations of the country's triumph in the FIFA World Cup on Sunday (09JUL06). Frontman SIR Mick Jagger cracked a joke about French captain ZINEDINE ZIDANE's mysterious headbutt attack on Italian defender MARCO MATERAZZI as the final edged towards a penalty shootout. He quipped, "Materazzi and Richards have something in common tonight - they both recently had head-related problems." At the end of the gig, World Cup heroes Materazzi and ALESSANDRO DEL PIERO joined the veteran rockers on stage.