The Rolling Stones' A Bigger Bang tour was the top grossing tour of 2006, according to Billboard.

Beginning in autumn 2005, the tour sold out not only in arenas and stadiums in America, but all around the world.

When it finished last month the tour had managed to bring in $437 million (£224 million).

Stones tour producer Michael Cohl told that the total is "not bad".

"And not done, eh? There are still a lot of cancellations in Europe that the band feels obligated to try and make up. So I wouldn't be surprised if it keeps going next year," he added.

Figures obtained by Billboard Boxscore show that Madonna's controversial Confessions tour came second in money-earning terms, but number one in the female artist stakes.

Sixty shows with 1.2 million fans attending resulted in a total of $195 million (£100 million).

Artists making up the remainder of the top ten grossing tours are Bon Jovi, U2, Tim McGraw/Faith Hill, Cirque du Soleil, Barbra Streisand, Kenney Chesney, Dave Matthews Band and Aerosmith.

15/12/2006 16:21:52