Serbia is so desperate to secure a Rolling Stones concert in capital Belgrade, government officials have promised to fund all the preparatory work themselves. While the British rockers are scheduled to play neighbouring Zagreb, Croatia, on their 2006 tour, as well as a string of other European cities, they have so far spurned former warzone Serbia. However, Finance Minister and rock enthusiast MLADJAN DINKIC hopes the state offer - of the city's Hippodrome racecourse venue with a 100,000 fan capacity - will change the Brown Sugar hitmakers' minds. He says, "This would mean public companies would do all the preparatory work at their own expense. "They would prepare the grounds, installations, take care of all the logistics." The Rolling Stones were due to perform in Belgrade in 2003 but ditched the gig after then Prime Minister ZORAN DJINDJIC was murdered. They have yet to respond to the offer.