LATEST: Tonight's (23AUG05) Rolling Stones concert will go ahead under increased security, following a fan's injury on the tour's opening night show.

CLAIRE O'LEARY, 20, was hospitalised with two broken ankles and a broken wrist after she fell almost 40 feet (12.1 metres) from the rafters above the right-field grandstand on Sunday (21AUG05).

Although more than 50 police officers and Red Sox security personnel patrolled Boston's baseball mecca Fenway Park during the concert, they didn't see O'Leary climbing.

Additional officers will now be stationed in the grandstands tonight.

Emergency workers cleared the seats beneath O'Leary before she fell, which helped avoid injury to other concertgoers. Firefighters were also dispatched to bring her down, but they didn't reach her in time.

Officer MICHAEL McCARTHY, a spokesman for the Boston police, says, "(O'Leary was) very belligerent, uncooperative and verbally abusive toward medical staff. If she had hit someone (when she fell), she would have killed them.

"People need to be responsible for their own actions as well."

Sunday's show was the first on the Stones' new North American tour.