The Rolling Stones have settled a dispute with insurers over their $12.7 million claim.

The 'Brown Sugar' hitmakers were claiming the sum after cancelling a number of gigs in Australia following the suicide of frontman Sir Mick Jagger's girlfriend L'Wren Scott in March, but the 71-year-old star is said to be ''deeply upset'' that confidential medical information was made public during the court battle.

One of the items revealed in the court documents was that the singer had been ''diagnosed as suffering from acute traumatic stress disorder'' and was advised by doctors not to perform for at least 30 days.

A spokesman for the band said in a statement today (14.11.14): ''We are deeply upset that confidential medical and other private information about members of the band and their immediate family and loved ones has entered the public domain as a result of a US court filing initiated by insurers four weeks ago.

''This was done without the knowledge of the band or reference to their legal representatives.

''This has only been discovered and reported in the press in the last week, by which time we are pleased to say the insurers and the Rolling Stones had, in fact, settled the insurance claim.

''No further comment will be made about this matter.''

Following the group's claim, the insurers were seeking information as to whether L'Wren had a pre-existing mental illness as her death might not be covered under the policy and they argued her passing was ''not beyond her control''.

In response to the band's claim, they said: ''Ms. Scott intended to, and did, commit suicide and her death was therefore not 'sudden and unforeseen.''

Earlier this week, Mick - who was romantically linked with ballerina Melanie Hamrick just a few months after his girlfriend's death - was branded ''heartless'' by L'Wren's family for claiming her death caused him to suffer acute traumatic stress, meaning he couldn't perform.

Rob Shane, who is married to L'Wren's sister Jan, said: ''The guy [Jagger] doesn't need the money, I laughed when the insurance company turned down his claim.

''All the s**t that Mick is claiming about being unstable, it's ridiculous he's trying to get his way. In a way, I'm not surprised he's doing it. The guy is just unbelievable.

''I read that he's claiming $12.7 million due to the cancellation of the tour and I can't understand that. L'Wren left her entire estate to him and that was valued around the same amount.

''It seems heartless. How distraught could he have really been, seriously? It was only a month or two after L'Wren's death he was with this ballerina or whatever. I mean how distraught [was Mick]?''

The group had an insurance policy to be paid in the event shows were scrapped for a number of reasons, including the death of specific people named in the policy - which, for the singer, included the model, his former partners and wives, seven children and four grandchildren.