It might be the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones this year but the band have revealed that a tour looks unlikely. "We're just not ready," guitarist Keith Richards told Rolling Stone magazine, indicating that 2013 might be a more realistic goal for the band.
The article published today (March 14, 2012) suggests that there may be more to the story, though and Keith's health could well be a contributing factor to the delay. Keith himself admitted that he has gotten a little rusty on the guitar since he suffered a head injury in 2006. In 2010, he told Jimmy Fallon "If you've been on the road for two years and suddenly you stop, you put it down for a little bit. And then a little bit longer and you say, 'I really got to catch up, man.'" The article does offer some hope for fans keen to catch the ageing rockers, though with reports that they are considering an offer from promoters such as Live Nation and Aeg.