The Rolling Stones are obsessed with TV box sets.

The veteran rockers shun wild parties for more leisurely pursuits on the road these days, including backgammon, jigsaw puzzles, and binge-watching television shows.

Guitarist Ronnie Wood said: ''Being on tour jetlags you. You wake up every night about 9pm, just at the time when you would be going on stage. So now, instead, we watch 19 murder mysteries in a row. We're on 'Above Suspicion' at the moment. Last one tonight.

''We watch loads of box sets on the road, too. Even with [Sir Mick] Jagger I go, 'Let's go and watch 'House of Cards'.' And he told us about 'Game of Thrones'. We had to send someone out at four in the morning when we were in Shanghai to get us the next series.''

The group are all big fans of 'Breaking Bad' and were delighted to meet Aaron Paul, who played troubled Jesse Pinkman, at one of their gigs.

Ronnie's wife Sally said: ''When Aaron Paul came backstage at a gig, that caused more pandemonium than even the band.''

Ronnie added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''We cracked the ice with him. Keith was going, 'What are you doing here?' and Patti [Keith's wife] was like, 'Oh my God, get out of the way. It's Aaron!' ''