A 20-year-old woman who fell from a balcony at a Rolling Stones concert in Boston over the summer (05), has avoided criminal charges of causing a public disturbance.

Enthusiastic CLAIRE O'LEARY was enjoying the Stones' A Bigger Bang tour in Boston's Fenway Park baseball stadium when she fell 35 feet (10.6 metres) from the rafters to the seats below, breaking both her ankles and her wrist.

Boston police then sought for the local court to issue a public assembly charge, which was declined by clerk magistrate MARK CONCANNON at Boston City Court this week (ends16DEC05).

Police agreed to suspend the complaint after considering the fact O'Leary could not walk for three months due to her injuries and her clean record.

Concannon said, "Based on her medical record, she may never be able to run again. She still walks very slowly and with a noticeable limp."