The Rolling Stones have taken inspiration from nature for their upcoming gigs in London's Hyde Park by surrounding their stage with huge fake Oak trees to replicate the group's experience of their famous 1969 show.

The Brown Sugar legends will headline a huge concert at the iconic park on Saturday (06Jul13) as part of their 50 And Counting tour, and will follow up the gig by playing again the following weekend (13Jul13).

And the rockers are going green for their shows by planting massive model trees on the sides of the stage to recreate their first time performing in the park at the end of the '60s, when all they could see was trees.

A source tells Britain's The Sun, "When Mick and the band looked out from the stage back in the Sixties all they could see was a sea of people and a load of trees, but many of those have been cleared or replanted since. So they want to recreate the woodland. As you can see from the pictures, the two oak trees either side are absolutely massive. They want it to look as authentic as possible."