Fans of late Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones can buy individual tiles from the swimming pool where he drowned in 1969 - but his former lover has demanded a portion of the profits be used to erect a statue of the PAINT IT BLACK icon in his home town of Cheltenham, England.

PAT ANDREWS - the mother of Jones' son JULIAN - is furious a fan club, which is selling the tiles for $247 (GBP130), has backtracked on its promise to donate a portion of the profits to fund the proposed memorial.

The BRIAN JONES FANCLUB CHELTENHAM spokesman David Reynolds advertised the unique sale in his fanzine THE SPIRIT MAGAZINE, describing it as an, "Opportunity to own something so closely connected to Brian."

But Andrews has been told by a host of disgruntled rock memorabilia collectors that Reynolds told them, after they had purchased tiles, that no proceeds would be donated to the statue project.

Andrews, who dated Jones during the 1950s and 1960s, rages, "I have never been allowed to see any of the financial details of the fund and am very concerned that the tiles have gone up in price from the price I originally agreed to.

"Mr Reynolds should turn the proceeds of the fund over to some real Brian Jones fans so they can either erect the statue we were promised, or return the money to those who donated so generously to what would have been a tourist attraction and fitting monument to Brian's memory."

Reynolds argues the money raised is not enough for a statue: "We are now intending to use the money to commission a bust which will be displayed in the Cheltenham Arts museum."

09/03/2005 14:37