THE Rolling Stones star Keith Richards feels so disorientated after finishing a major tour, he compares the experience to withdrawal symptoms from hard drugs. The legendary guitarist admits he gets so used to life on the road that it is a real shock to the system when the gigs finish and he is forced to go back to normal life. The rockers completed their Bigger Bang world tour in August last year (07) and Richards is still trying to adjust. He says, "It's only within the last two or three weeks that I've stopped waking up wondering if it's a play day or a travelling day. It takes that long. I always expect it, but still you've got to go through it. "It's like a long withdrawal. When you finish, you want to start again. Especially after two years, you get so used to that adrenaline punch, and when it gets cut off, well... it's not as bad as smack, but it's pretty bad."