THE Rolling Stones make an extra effort to pull together to ensure frontman SIR Mick Jagger feels confident enough to take to the stage, according to his bandmate Keith Richards. The legendary rockers let Jagger choose which songs they play at their gigs and even adjust their instruments to accommodate the star and make their hits easier for him to sing. But Richards insists there is no animosity between the groupmembers and they all do their best to support Jagger - because the singer's role is so vital to their performances. He says, "He's the one who has to go out there and sing it. From the band's point of view, it's the frontman that calls the shots on what to sing. He might say, 'That one's too high for me tonight, I can't make it.' "I might make an adjustment here and there to break it up a bit. Otherwise I just try to make it easier for Mick. A band's job is to make the frontman feel confident. That's the whole point of a band. One for all and all for one."