Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards once spent three days on a drug-fuelled road trip across Britain with Beatles legend John Lennon.
The guitarist has revealed he teamed up with the late musician for a vacation and they spent several days motoring across the U.K. in his luxury Bentley car.
But Richards admits they had to employ a chauffeur to drive them about because they were in no "condition" to get behind the wheel.
He tells AnOtherMan magazine, "We must have been on something exceptional... There was one young lady with us at least, and a chauffeur because we were in no driving condition. And we were just playing sounds.
"We were in my Bentley. I said, 'I'm not going on a trip with you in that goddam psychedelic Rolls Royce (of yours). Let's go more discreetly in my little blue Bentley.'"