Seventies band THE NEW SEEKERS' clean-cut reputation is in danger following allegations that late singer/songwriter PETER DOYLE used cocaine.

Despite being hailed as the alternative to controversy-addled bands like THE Rolling Stones and T-Rex, singer EVE GRAHAM has revealed her bandmate faced criminal charges for cocaine abuse after being propelled to fame with hit single I'D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING.

She says, "Before our first trip to the States, Peter was caught with cocaine and arrested.

"Had he been charged, he wouldn't have been able to join us in the US.

"The management sorted it out so it was 'forgotten about'."

But she reveals it was difficult to keep Doyle - who died of cancer in 2001 - out of trouble.

She adds, "It was always a struggle for Peter to be straight enough to be in the New Seekers. Keeping him in line was hard at times. He'd be unpredictable.

"He was a free spirit with no discipline, and he eventually left because he was feeling the restrictions of being at certain places at certain times."