Rolling Stones veteran SIR Mick Jagger has a rather embarrassing addition to his list of career achievements - he's been named as one of the 50 worst artists in music history.

American magazine BLENDER has ranked the charismatic frontman at number 13, mocking the singer's solo ventures for being worse than something produced by a "tone deaf 6-year-old".

Fellow British rock legend David Bowie fared even worse - thanks to his "really, really bad" 90s group TIN MACHINE, who landed 12th in the shameful line-up.

Other acts riding high in the list include Michael Bolton at 10, CELINE DION, 26, Bob Geldof, 39, and The Doors, who were placed at 37.

Blender's editor, ANDY PEMBERTON, insists the only people to blame for the harsh chart are the artists themselves.

He says, "If I were any of these groups, I would be angry about making the list - but they should be better. It's their fault they're on it."

13/08/2003 00:14