Rockers the Rolling Stones have beaten Madonna to claim the top grossing tour of the year (06). The Stones' tour, which began in late 2005, played to sold out stadiums and arenas throughout the world before concluding shows in America last month (NOV06). En route, the group grossed an estimated $437 million (GBP224 million), according to numbers reported to Billboard Boxscore. Madonna's Confessions tour came in second, as the MATERIAL GIRL claimed the top-grossing tour ever by a female artist, and Bon Jovi came in third on the 2006 big-earners list. It wasn't all rock acts in the top 10 - celebrated circus troupe CIRQUE DU SOLEIL also made the list, at number five. The end-of-year top five is: 1. ROLLING STONES 2. MADONNA 3. BON JOVI 4. Tim Mcgraw/Faith Hill 5. CIRQUE DU SOLEIL