LATEST: Atlantic Records co-founder AHMET ERTEGUN is critically ill in a coma, following his fall at a Rolling Stones concert on 29 October (06). The record label issued a statement last month (NOV06) saying the 83-year-old music mogul was recovering well from his brain injury, but denied he was in a coma. However, his neurosurgeon DOCTOR HOWARD RIINA at the Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York, says Ertegun is seriously ill. Riina says, "(He) sustained a severe brain injury after a fall. He's in a deep coma and in critical condition. His chance of a meaningful recovery is small." When asked by the Reuters news agency if Ertegun would continue to receive life support, Riina said, "It's not clear at this point. He remains critically ill. He's still very sick." Turkish-born Ertegun founded Atlantic Records with HERB ABRAMSON in 1947, which launched the careers of Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin and Aretha Franklin.