A Los Angeles gig by THE Rolling Stones will be the most expensive in rock history when tickets go on sale tomorrow (27JUN05) at up to $450 (GBP250) each.

The Brown Sugar band - SIR Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts and bassist DARRYL JONES - are charging the most money ever for entry to the November (05) concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

The high cost of watching the Stones gig from a decent seat equates to approximately $3.60 (GBP2) a minute.

And according to one record company executive, the Stones - the most profitable live act in the world - nearly quit touring three years ago (02) when it looked as if "the sums were not adding up".

The insider tells British newspaper THE SUNDAY TIMES, "But then Keith suggested scrapping the arena tour, the kind of massive show they pioneered in the 1970s and playing a series of smaller venues across America - and then, if that worked, adding the arenas back on top.

"So now they are more confident about charging the most ridiculous prices in the business. But fans will get a unique show."

26/06/2005 02:51