A CLASH concert in London in 1977 has been voted the best the British capital has ever seen - beating performances by music legends THE Beatles and THE Rolling Stones.

Hundreds of seats at the Rainbow Theatre were torn out by rioting fans at the gig, which came during the punk stars' heyday.

Late Clash frontman JOE STRUMMER said of the concert, "We were in the right place doing the right thing at the right time."

Readers of London magazine TIME OUT voted Brian Wilson's SMILE concert at the Royal Festival Hall last year (04) in second place.

Stevie Wonder's performance at the Rainbow Theatre in 1974 came third, while a ROLLING STONES gig in 1963 came fourth.

But the best The Beatles could manage is tenth - for their performance at the The Pigalle in April 1963, behind Duke Ellington, N*E*R*D, Bob Marley, THE SMITHS and THE White Stripes.

23/05/2005 13:52