A new film is to present evidence that Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones was murdered.

The group's founder member died in 1969, drowned in his own pool. The circumstances behind his death have always been cloudy though police had put his death down to a drug-related accident.

Now STEVE WOOLLEY believes his new film provides conclusive proof that Jones was killed. And he will also name the killer.

The film is the product of 10 years of research from Woolley, who has spent time with Anna Wohlin, Jones's girlfriend at the time and also an associate of Jones's who has connections with gangsters.

Woolley says, "We've spent years on this and we have uncovered all sorts of facts that were never brought out at the time. It is a fascinating and disturbing story. I believe the police will have to reopen the investigation."

22/05/2003 17:12