Veteran artist and entertainer Rolf Harris broke down in tears during a television interview after discussing his battle with depression. The much-loved personality wept as he spoke with Piers Morgan about his troubled personal life and how he felt "life was over" when his cartoon TV show was axed, reports Msn's 9 News.
Appearing on Morgan's 'Life Stories', Harris recalled a particular incident in which he left his wife Alwen alone just hours after the birth of their daughter Bindi. He said, "The baby was due and eventually, the night before I was expected to fly out to America, she was induced. I didn't know I could pull out of the contract. You don't at that age ... It's an awful sadness". The artist admitted he later struggled with depression after his career began to falter, saying, "I didn't know what to do with myself. I didn't know what to think. I now know what people mean when they say, I've got clinical depression". Rolf, best known for inventing the famous "wobble board", moved to England in 1952. He became a prominent television personality and began presenting shows such as 'Rolf's Cartoon Club' and 'Animal Hospital'. In late 2005, he was commissioned to paint the official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.
Now 81-years-old, Harris is still one of the country's top selling artists. He opened the Glastonbury Festival of Arts last year.