Roland Mouret wants women to feel "beautiful" whenever they wear his Galaxy dress.

The French designer's 2005 creation became a worldwide smash and Roland says he created it so females could put it on and look good without worrying about their hair and make-up.

He told the Metro newspaper: "It was the first dress I designed without knowing how to finish it properly. It's that silhouette that all women enjoy: of the silver screen, of a real woman's body shape. I was inspired by the word 'glamour', which means 'trick of the eye'. I wanted to express this extreme sensuality of a woman, the power they have. Women try to be the perfect woman and then lose themselves in that. I wanted to create a dress that a woman could put on with a pair of high heels, not worry about their hair or make-up, then just walk down the street and become the most beautiful woman in the world."

Despite the dress being popular with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore, Roland is pleased that it looks good on every woman, despite their size.

He said: "To have all these famous actresses wearing the same dress at the same time was amazing. I'd see six, seven, eight famous actresses wearing it - and the beauty of it was that you couldn't say which size they were. They brought their own bodies, their own personality, to the dress. When you see that dress, you don't see if one woman has heavier legs, or another has smaller breasts. I love the fact there is a dress that creates the illusion that there is a universal size of a woman in the world."