Roland Mouret wishes people would stop taking about his famous Galaxy dress.

The French fashion designer - whose 2005 cocktail gown was a huge hit with women all over the world - says he is grateful the dress helped people to discover his designs but now he wants to focus on creating a new legacy which will outlive him.

He said: "The Galaxy is not the only thing in my life. It put me on the map. Yes, I created a signature, a technique with it. But now I want to create a new legacy.

"See, you look at Tom Ford, OK, he did an amazing thing. With the sunglasses and the perfume and the film. But it's all about him, Tom Ford. When he dies, it goes. Me, when I disappear, I want the legacy to stay."

Roland has recently gone into business with former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller and Simon revealed he wanted to work with the designer because he is a "rare Jewel".

He told Britain's Vogue magazine: "Roland is like a rare jewel and it's a joy not to have to market the hell out of him. Not everyone can do what he's done.

"Roland is the real deal, he's like a classical designer wrapped up in a very contemporary man's body. And there's only one of him, so you can't f**k it up. Or at least I'll try not to."