Roland Mouret loves dressing Reese Witherspoon because she isn't "pretentious" about clothes.

The French designer has worked with the Oscar-winning actress on at least four occasions and says she's a pleasure to team up with because, despite her A-list status, she is very grounded.

He said: "We have dressed Reese four or five times before and she's really loyal. She's not pretentious about clothes, she just thinks they should do their job."

In the latest edition of US Vogue, Reese appears on the cover wearing one of Roland's creations and he says he is impressed by the 30s theme the photo has.

He told "I was so surprised when I saw that it was on the cover. Of course we knew they may shoot the piece, but honestly I thought the cover was mostly about advertisers so it was really a surprise."

"I loved this kind of 30s attitude she has on the cover. The depression period and the circus theme is an amazing mix. The picture has a really genuine attitude - it's a mix of boyish beauty with extreme glamour; a really complex beauty. The top shows the kind of simple draping I was doing before the Galaxy dress mixed with more structure. I love the picture."