Roland Mouret decided to become a designer even though he couldn't sew.

The French fashion designer - whose famous 2005 Galaxy dress was a huge hit with women all over the world - says he didn't let his lack of sewing skills to deter him from creating the collection he envisaged.

He said: "I was a model for Yohji Yamamoto, I was part of Azzedine Alaia's gang. There was a design aesthetic that came between them - a robust Alaia, you know, a glamorous uniform - that didn't exist. That's what I had in mind to do."

While the designer is now hugely popular - with celebrities such as Carey Mulligan, Beyonce Knowles, Julianne Moore and Victoria Beckham all fans of his designs - he admitted he still doesn't ever sketch his designs and is instead a fan of draping.

He said: "It's like my little party trick. Give me two safety pins and a bolt of fabric, I make you a dress in five minutes. You should see me with my napkin at the dinner table."