Movie director Roland Emmerich was relieved when the 9/11 tragedy hit America (11SEP01) - because it saved him from the prospect of making a sequel to his 1996 blockbuster Independence Day.

The 48-year-old filmmaker - whose latest effort is The Day After Tomorrow - shocked fans by revealing the horrific terrorist attacks put an end to film bosses nagging him to make a follow-up to the disaster movie.

Emmerich explains, "I'm not a fan of sequels in general. After the success of Independence Day, the studio kept asking us for a sequel and I was always sceptical. I was like, 'So what happens? The aliens come again?'

"Then 9/11 happened and it put an end to the talk of a sequel. No one really wanted to see THE WHITE HOUSE blow up again."

07/06/2004 17:13