Roger Waters would never consider a Pink Floyd reunion tour - because his long term rift with guitarist Dave Gilmour runs too deep.

The pair put their past behind them to unite on stage with former bandmates Nick Mason and Rick Wright at the LIVE 8 charity concert in London on 2 July - their first performance since 1981 - and even appeared to have reconciled, hugging each other onstage.

The ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL fourpiece have been offered a reported $25 million each to perform a one-off tour of the US - but Waters insists, as much as he enjoyed the reunion, there are too many "differences" between him and Gilmour.

He says, "The chances of further developing with the Pink Floyd reunion are very slight.

"The Live 8 reunion couldn't have been better, it was terrific, I was really glad it happened, we got along famously and it was absolutely fine, but Dave and I do have major musical, philosophical, political and artistic differences.

"So for us to reconvene would probably not be the most brilliant idea."

14/07/2005 05:46