British rock heavyweights Roger Taylor, Ozzy Osbourne and ROGER GLOVER have added their tributes to the late Gary Moore, who suffered a heart attack and died in Spain on Sunday (06Feb11).
Queen drummer Taylor admits he was stunned when his wife told him the sad news.
He tells the U.K.'s Classic Rock magazine, "It's terrible - 58 is just too early... There should have been a lot more years."
Taylor adds, "I have great memories of Gary on tour in Thin Lizzy with Queen - always smiling, very cheerful... He'd recently joined Lizzy and he fitted in great; a blindingly fast player, and his thing was these staccato runs, with a bit of jazz in there.
"Over the years, I'd see Gary out in the clubs. (He was) a great guy on the scene. He liked to drink, as I remember, but everybody did in those days.
"It's very sad. But I think his music will live on... He was a star player."
Meanwhile, a statement from Osbourne reads, "I knew Gary Moore for what seemed like forever. We'd run into each other many times over the years and we were always able to pick up right where we left off... To say that his death is a tragic loss doesn't seem to give it the justice it deserves. We've lost a phenomenal musician and (I've lost) a great friend. Rest in peace, Gary."
And Deep Purple bass player Glover says, "I am deeply shocked and saddened about Gary's passing. He was truly one of the great guitarists, had a huge talent, and was a musical force beyond par. I am a fan."