Several entertainment-related websites were abuzz over the weekend over the disclosure by that Daily Variety deleted from its online archives a negative review of the movie Iron Cross after the producers purchased $400,000 in advertising as part of their "for your consideration" Oscar campaign to promote the movie and its star, the late Roy Scheider. The review by Robert Koehler, which is still accessible online via Google's cache, faulted the filmmakers for "hackneyed plotting and intrusive editing" and concluded that it amounted to "mediocre stuff, choppy and uncertain, with hints of ambitious ideas that fail to gather steam." Gawker, citing no sources, said that Variety publisher Brian Gott agreed to remove the review after the producers complained. Contacted by the New York-based website, Gott remarked, "Unfortunately, Variety does not comment on internal matters." But on the website, writer Perri Nemiroff commented, "It seems like money has won out over integrity. ... A film review should have nothing to do with an advertising campaign." Scott Weinberg at remarked, "It certainly does seem like big V ... is squashing legitimate film criticism in favor of easy ad money. And not just squashing -- actually deleting." And Roger Moore on the Orlando Sentinel 's blog wrote, "If this is true ... then Variety just lost a load of credibility."