Sir Roger Moore was undoubtedly a cool cat back in the day, or so his public persona would suggest. But, as he told Piers Morgan on the British chat show host’s American CNN program, behind the scenes things were a little more turbulent, with the former James Bond actor revealing that one of his marriages, to skater Doorn Van Steyn, led to domestic abuse at the hands of the blade wearer.
According to The Press Association, Moore told Morgan that getting hit by her was a regular thing. "She would scratch me” he explained. “My mother was always petrified when I went home to see that I had more scars." Her ire wasn’t confined to solely him either, Van Steyn also apparently attacking those who were trying to help him at some points. "I cut my hand open once and we went round to the local GP and she said to him 'Aren't you going to do anything?' and punched him” he commented, before darkly quipping. "Which made a change, because normally she punched me."
The pair eventually divorced in 1953, with Sir Roger going on to marry singer Dorothy Squires. However, she was another who he claimed attacked him. He told Morgan she had "a great temper" and once hit him on the head with a guitar.