Sir Roger Moore was never ''self-confident with girls'' during his teens.

The 89-year-old actor, who is best known for playing iconic secret agent James Bond from 1973 until 1985, has admitted to being awkward around the opposite sex as a young man, despite his dashing good looks.

Sir Roger shared: ''In my teens I was very insecure. And so I invented Roger Moore. I was possibly shy. I don't know why some people are shy and some aren't. Some people blush very easily.

''I was not very self-confident with them. I got lucky occasionally. But with a lack of confidence.''

Roger was overweight as a youngster and revealed his father would ridicule him for it.

The former 007 star told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I was probably a little bit overweight as a child, being passionate about baked beans on toast and Cadbury's milk chocolate when I could get it.

''And I remember my father sort of pulling the belt of my blue schoolboy's raincoat rather tight when we were going out and saying, 'you are like a sack of bloody potatoes, tied up and ugly in the middle'. I think the insecurity probably came from that.''

The role of Bond has evolved since Sir Roger's career peak, with current incumbent Daniel Craig playing a noticeably darker incarnation of the legendary British agent.

But Roger has no regrets about he approached playing the part of Bond.

He shared: ''I wouldn't have changed it from the way I played it.

''I played it slightly tongue-in-cheek because I never quite believed that James Bond was a spy because everybody knew him, they all knew what he drank. He'd walk into a bar and it would always be, 'Ah, Commander Bond, Martini, shaken not stirred.' Spies are faceless people.''