Like the previous Saw movies, Saw V was not screened inadvance for critics. And indeed many critics did not bother to stand in lineat theaters to catch it over the weekend. Several who did obviously hadtheir knives sharpened before they saw it. Nathan Lee of the New YorkTimes indicated that he had been prepared to call it "a revolting,nerve-racking trip into the cesspool of the human imagination." Instead, hesaid, he found the movie "just plain boring and even a little tame." Lee'sreaction is typical. Elizabeth Weitzman in the New York Daily News calls the movie "as disappointing as a Halloween bag filled with nothingbut raisins." Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel also uses theHalloween metaphor, calling the movie "as fresh as a jack-o-lantern left outin the sun until Thanksgiving." And the performances by the actors, SamAdams suggests in the Los Angeles Times are as horrible as the plot."It's not a good sign when watching someone stick their hand into a tablesaw is easier than listening to them recite dialogue," he writes. On theother hand, any moviegoer who has "a taste for watching people getmutilated" and has "an intricate knowledge" of Saw movies will likelyfind Saw V "a reasonably satisfying film."