How can a movie based on a novel by a then 17-year-old and directed by a man with the improbable name of Stefen Fangmeier possibly go wrong? Well, in several ways, say many critics in their review of Eragon, which concerns a boy and his dragon. Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel suggests that the movie amounts to little more than a "cutting and pasting" of Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings. Elizabeth Weitzman in the New York Daily News comments that it arrives "as heavy and earthbound as an injured dragon." To Stephen Hunter in the Washington Post, it's a "silly symphony of a film." Then there's Michael Phillips,who comments in the Chicago Tribune: "Eragon is a bit cheesy, but I rather liked it. It's sincere cheese." In fact Eleanor Ringel Gillespie takes the comparison one step further, calling it, "Lord of the Cheese." Several critics are impressed with the computer-created dragon. Chris Kaltenbach in the Baltimore Sun remarks, "Eragon isn't much, but its baby dragon sure is adorable." "The creature," writes Claudia Puig in USA Today, "is the undisputed star of a film that is predictable in its plot, clichéd in its dialogue, but stunning in its cinematography and production design." And Joe Morgenstern in the Wall Street Journal merely outlines the story plot without comment. "I'm going to cut a worthy dragon some slack," he writes.