SIR Roger Moore has stepped up his battle with a U.K. department store which sells foie gras by filming an ad blasting the controversial French delicacy.
The former Bond actor, a long-time animal lover, has previously sent private letters urging bosses at London's Selfridges to ban foie gras, which is made of the engorged livers of ducks and geese, even offering to buy up all their remaining stock to empty their shelves.
Selfridges owners have continued to sell the cans but Moore is refusing to end his crusade - he's shot a TV and print campaign with animal rights charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to convince holiday shoppers not to buy the delicacy.
One ad shows the 82 year old holding a sign with the words, "Force-feeding birds is cruel, not yule."
Another promo, depicting the abuse animals suffer before they are killed, was rejected on the grounds it was too cruel - which Moore insists only serves to prove his point.
He says, "As foie gras production is too cruel to show on an ad, surely this torture in a tin is too violently produced for Selfridges to sell."