SIR Roger Moore has hinted he smoked marijuana - after befriending famous "non-smoker" Tony Curtis in the 1970s.
The James Bond actor starred alongside Hollywood legend Curtis in iconic British TV series The Persuaders! after ending his run in action show The Saint.
And he admits he was surprised at his co-star's habits - because Curtis was a prominent anti-smoking campaigner at the time.
Prior to filming began on The Persuaders!, Moore visited Curtis' Los Angeles home, and was shocked to discover an ashtray in the house.
He tells U.K. TV host Jonathan Ross, "Two months later Tony arrives (in Britain) - Heathrow (airport). They find marijuana on him. He was lucky - he got fined 50 quid (pounds)."
When Ross asked, "Did you ever share a doobie (marijuana)?", Moore smiled and replied: "No... not with Tony!"