Former 007 SIR Roger Moore has leaped to the defence of new JAMES BOND star Daniel Craig, insisting no one can criticise the blond actor until they see him in action.

Moore is convinced disgruntled fans who have set up an anti-Craig website and threatened to boycott the new film Casino Royale, are just attention-seeking.

He said, "He's a hell of a good actor. So why attack him?"

Moore also rubbished suggestions that Bond is a ridiculous figure in an era where terrorist figures like Osama Bin Laden overshadow unlikely superheroes.

The 78-year-old says, "It's fantasy. Bond is fantasy, there's no real substance to it. It's a figment of imagination.

"(It's) sort of crazy, you know, a spy who is recognised wherever he goes - spies ain't like that."