Former JAMES BOND star SIR Roger Moore's son GEOFFREY has branded COLIN FARRELL "too short" to replace Pierce Brosnan as the next superspy.

The restaurant owner believes Farrell would need to be as tall as his father, who first played Bond in 1973's Live And Let Die.

He also dismisses Ewan McGregor's suitability for the role, despite reports the Scottish actor is allegedly in negotiations for the 21st Bond film.

Moore says, "I know Colin Farrell has been tipped for the part and he's got the looks, but he is too short. And Ewan McGregor isn't chiselled enough.

"Bond is so famous you could literally cast anyone as long as they're right for the part.

"I've been brought up in the Bond world, and am in touch with and understand where Bond is coming from."

07/11/2004 21:28