Ailing actor Roger Moore is challenging Queen Elizabeth II to ban fur from the royal household.

Just two weeks after collapsing during a play in New York, the former 007 has teamed up with animal activists PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS to point out the ills of fur farming.

Moore has added his name to a petition to be sent to The Queen, urging her to give up her ermine and furs and switch to faux fur instead.

PETA are particularly keen for the Household Guards to give up their bearskin hats.

In an accompanying letter, PETA chiefs write, "It takes the entire hide of one to two bears to make just one Guard's headpiece.

"The skins come from bears shot in Canada - many are shot several times before they die, while some escape the hunters only to bleed to death."

Moore, who has been fitted with a pacemaker following his collapse onstage during his turn in THE PLAY WHAT I WROTE (07MAY03), has added his name to those of fellow British celebrities Morrissey, Twiggy and actress Hayley Mills on the petition.

14/05/2003 21:16