Tennis superstar Roger Federer has slammed allegations he helped the owner of his sports management firm get rich with insider information, insisting the accusations are"100 per cent not true".
Federer has found himself at the centre of a lawsuit filed by bosses of Agate Printing, Inc. against IMG and its owner Ted Forstmann.
The tennis ace is accused of sharing secrets about one of his matches during the 2007 French Open, and allowing sports mogul Forstmann to cash in on a $40,000 (£26,700) bet placed on Federer.
But the 29-year-old Swiss star, who is close friends with rocker Gavin Rossdale and his singer wife Gwen Stefani, has shot down the claims made in the suit, insisting he has "nothing to hide".
Speaking at a press conference in China on Friday (15Oct10), Federer said, "It's disappointing that someone's throwing my name around. I would never do such a thing.
"My fans know that, the people who know me... I have nothing to hide. I'm sorry for those who think there is something to the story. But there's nothing."
Forstmann is accused of charging Agate Printing a fortune in tax liabilities over gambling losses, but he has denied the allegations and has threatened to call in the cops and ask them to treat the case as extortion, according to