Roger Ebert, who has been paying to produce Ebert Presents At the Movies on public television out of his own pocket and who warned early last month that he could no longer do so without additional support from underwriters, said on Wednesday that he will put the program "on hiatus" at the end of this month. "This move is necessary to allow the public television stations that carry our show to plan their programs for the beginning of the new year," Ebert wrote on his blog. "We held off as long as possible but we had to give notice today." He said that he and his wife Chaz are continuing to discuss the possibility of relaunching the show, which features Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, with top executives of several channels, film distributors, charitable foundations, web delivery services, potential corporate sponsors, and "crowd-funding" sources. "And we are still talking with them, but the time crunch has intervened." Ebert expressed the hope that the hiatus will be brief and asked his fans to "have faith in us as we sort through the possibilities."