Roger Daltrey isn't looking forward to reading The Who bandmate Pete Townshend's new book - because he fears what he'll learn about himself.
The biography that landed Townshend in trouble with the law is to be released in 2012, almost 20 years after the rocker started work on his memoirs.
Townshend was infamously cautioned by British police officials in 2003 for accessing child pornography on the internet as part of his research for the tome - but Daltrey isn't worried about that part of the book.
He tells, "I'm not particularly looking forward to it. When I look back to some of his interviews, he's said some weird things."
But Daltrey insists that whatever is in Townshend's tome won't change the pair's relationship: "Whatever happens on the public stage, behind the scenes we're the best of friends. We're like brothers. Not to say we get on with each other all the time, but if we were ever in trouble, you know that we'd both be there for each other. That's all that matters."