The singer was onstage at the Nassau Coliseum when he caught a whiff of a fan's weed and stopped the show to sold the pot-smoking fan.

In video footage taken by another fan, Daltrey, who claims he is allergic to marijuana smoke, tells the drug lover he will walk offstage and end the gig if he doesn't put his stash away.

Bandmate Pete Townshend also offered up a few words before the fan agreed to wait until after the concert to get high.

One music critic for Newsday magazine insists Daltrey's voice was clearly affected by the smoke, going from "crystal clear and potent" to "something rougher and more limited" within two songs.

Daltrey has had a number of throat problems in the past and The Who's 50th anniversary tour plans stalled last year when the singer developed a throat infection in December (14).