Roger Daltrey says the prospect of death has brought him closer to Pete Townshend.

The iconic The Who members were shaken when fellow band member John Entwistle passed away at the age of 57 in 2002, and Roger explained the shock of his death made them appreciate each other and put their differences behind them.

He said: ''After all the testosterone of youth, all of the problems and middle age and drugs and losing people we love, in the end you suddenly realize you deeply love each other. We are like brothers. Family is like that, aren't they? One minute you love them, the next minute you can't stand them. But as soon as it looks like they're not going to be around, they're knocking on the door.''

The 71-year-old rocker - who is currently gearing up for several months of touring across North America and Europe - continued to say John's death made them consider the short amount of time they have left to live, which encouraged them to head out on the road.

Speaking about the impact of his death, Roger told Rolling Stone magazine: ''It woke us up to our mortality. Of course, it's a different world now. The horrible shock of 9/11 shocked the world. And then John dying the next year did make us realize we're mortal. If we believed in anything, it was the power of music bringing people together. If we're touring for anything, that's a good enough reason for me.''